Water Restoration Townsville

Tropical Queensland is home to unpredictable weather for pretty much the entire year. This means that your home or business could be subject to water damage, which can ruin your furniture, carpets and furnishings if not cleaned quickly and appropriately.

When you are looking for water restoration Townsville service, call the experts at Magic Carpet Clean. We offer 24 hour emergency water response service. Our truck mounted extraction equipment can handle any kind of flood work. Our water restoration team will provide a quick and effective resolution for your emergency situation.

Trusted Townsville Experts

Water Restoration TownsvilleWe are a premier water carpet cleaning service in Townsville with decades of experience. Our water restoration technicians are certified and fully trained. We are fully equipped with the latest and state of the art equipment to provide the most effective solution for your emergency situation.

Using our truck mounted extraction equipment, our Townsville team will remove water from your property quickly and effectively. With our Drieaz drying equipment, we will clean up furnishings, upholstery, furniture and your carpet and dry them up effectively.

Our Process

We will start by extracting and disposing of all excess water. We will then carry out an initial clean of the affected area. We will use fans, blowers and dehumidifiers to quickly dry out carpets, furnishings and upholstery.

We will remove all our drying equipment once the area is totally dry. We will then re clean the carpet to remove any odours and stains completely. We will complete our cleaning service by applying an anti bacterial solution.

Why Choose Us

  • Water restoration service with decades of experience
  • Fully trained and qualified technicians
  • Fully insured
  • 24 hour emergency assistance on call
  • Fair and transparent pricing

Contact Magic Carpet Cleaning today for quick and effective water restoration in Townsville and the surrounding area.